Moving to hexo

This blog has not had much love over the last few years and I will start adding more content for it. However, I first decided to migrate from Wordpress to hexo.

Why would I do such a thing?:

  • hexo is fast. Unlike a database-driven website there are no round-trips to the datbase and no server-side page generation.
  • hexo is secure. There is no database or server-side code to compromise
  • I can get off the wordpress and PH update cycle. Even if I didn’t particularly care about getting the latest version of PHP my hosting provider charges extra for sites on legacy versions of PHP.
  • I already use nodeJs and am reasonably comfortable with the toolchain
  • I use git for developing code, so writing content in markdown and versioning in git is more natural to me than using an online web based editor (whicah I find tediously slow).

There are many static site generators, and pretty much everything I said above would apply to any of them, so why hexo? I first heard abouit on John Stevenson’s blog: John had already written a number of mini-tutorials on using hexo and I trust John’s opinion so it seemed a reasonable choice.